20. October 2020
It's just like riding a bike - I saw a mother teaching her son how to ride a bike today. Same method generation after generation wherever you are in the world. Only difference is that kids are learning much younger than before - must be something in the milk, but I digress. The child looked eager and a little bit nervous. The mother running behind him holding the back of his seat telling him, “Look straight ahead, you got this,” and then letting go. Isn’t this how we should mentor those...

13. October 2020
A Woman Staring at Sheep - the sequel to “The Men Who Stare at Goats”

15. September 2020
Here it is! "Das Jahr ohne Worte" My first book - my story. Live and Love Syd

09. September 2020
5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 Countdown - what a beautiful word. It is exactly what it says it is. It is so beautiful that even the Germans, who are responsible for some excellent words use it. Unlike “Ready, Set, Go,” which indicates a race or typically some kind of competition, countdown is so much cooler. Seared into our brain, a countdown is about the excitement of a shared moment - something is about to happen and we should pay attention to it. I am thrilled to share with you my own personal...

26. August 2020
Correct vs. Right Can I go to the bathroom?” I asked my 8th grade biology teacher, Mr. Donovan. “Sure,” he said, as he continued to talk about cytoplasm. As I stood up to leave, he stopped mid-sentence to ask me where I was going. “To the bathroom?” I said unsure of which science-fiction time wrap I was finding myself in. “I didn’t say you could leave. What I said was, you CAN go, you are able of going, but you MAY not.” He made his point and let me go. I hate Mr. Donovan. Know...

19. August 2020
Take a bite of freedom If you are a freelancer or self-employed, it is hard to ever stop working. There is the fear of not accepting every job because you never know… When does the workday end if you make your own hours? Does weekend mean anything if you work all the time anyway? And if you’re like me, you love what you do, so it never feels like work. In the past few months, the world of “the employed” has gotten a taste of what we freelancers have known for years. Yes, it is possible...

12. August 2020
Chatting it up at a crowded bar Off is the new on. Hiking is the new flying. Slow is the new fast. Barefoot is the new high heels. Silence is the new hard bass sound. Watching a field of goats is the new chatting it up at a crowded bar. Try it is the new buy it.

05. August 2020
Are you more a pillow or an umbrella? Pillows have been around since 7000 BC. They were first made of stones (ouch) to keep bugs out of your ears (ugh). But over the thousands of years, they got softer, changed size and shape. People spend lots of money on pillows today and have very strong opinions whether memory foam or feathers is the best for sleep, which has become the new sex. In some hotels, you even choose your pillow from a pillow menu. Umbrellas have also been around a long time,...

29. July 2020
Stand out. Stand up. Don't be chicken!

22. July 2020
Prove yourself wrong Yesterday, I didn’t want to go running. I had zero motivation, felt tired and was looking for any excuse not to go. Another coffee first? Maybe organize my socks? Well, then just a short run and it will be over. But once I started, I thought what if I could prove myself wrong – what if today I ran further just to show that voice in my head who’s boss. Turns out I ran my longest distance yet. When you feel you can’t, you can. Those voices telling you can’t. Well,...

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