Correct vs. Right

Correct vs. Right

Can I go to the bathroom?” I asked my 8th grade biology teacher, Mr. Donovan.

“Sure,” he said, as he continued to talk about cytoplasm.


As I stood up to leave, he stopped mid-sentence to ask me where I was going.


“To the bathroom?” I said unsure of which science-fiction time wrap I was finding myself in. 


“I didn’t say you could leave. What I said was, you CAN go, you are able of going, but you MAY not.” 


He made his point and let me go. I hate Mr. Donovan.

Know the difference between correct and right.

Correct is about proving what YOU know. 

Right is helping OTHERS be aware of what they may not.


If you are building a bridge, better be correct or the bridge will fall.

If you are performing an operation, better be correct or your patient will be harmed.

If you are adding up numbers, better be correct or it will cost more than just money later on.


But for communication at work or at home, let go of correct, go for what’s right.  And that sometimes means not being right at all.



So, what do you think? Am I right or am I right?

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