Syd Atlas makes your content come alive so that people listen.



I believe that authenticity, emotions and storytelling are the best ways to connect to people. It is not just what you say that matters, but how your audience hears it and what they feel about it. And your audience is everyone who is listening - one person or one thousand. This is what impact means.

Your Best Self


Whether for meetings, talks, conferences or personal growth and development, I can help bring out your best self. I work with both individuals and teams in person and online. I hold workshops in Communications, Women’s Leadership, Pitching, Presentation, Negotiations, Trust and Storytelling.



Syd is an inspiring speaker engaging her audience from the moment she walks on stage. She connects personal and universal stories with humor and originality.



Pitching and moderating is about sharing your passion with your audience. It is about balancing what they should know and how they should feel about it.

A familiar face at the Berlinale and Frankfurter Book Fair, Syd leads discussions, delivers powerful pitches and hosts awards ceremonies with wit and charm.



Syd works with both teams and individuals in person or online. She can help craft your content to make your audience engaged and connected.

She holds workshops as well as 1:1 coaching customized to your personal needs for growth and development.



Google, Facebook, Siemens Healthineers, Cardinal Health, Maersk, Verizon Media Group, Siemens AG, Schaeffler, L’Oréal, Airbnb, Zurich Insurance Group, CIEE Global Institute, GIZ, Bertelsmann and many more.


What people say


Anju Rupal
Founder, Abhati Suisse

"Syd coached me for my TED talk and working with her was so much fun.
I've never done public speaking before and people thought I was a professional.“

Tiffany Olson
President, CEO and Board Member, Nuclear and Precision Health Solutions

"Syd Atlas, the undisputed best presentation and corporate coach of the world. 

Syd has taken me to a new level of public speaking and confidence.
With a sincere interest, humble, open and nurturing way she was able to get the best out of me.“

Francois Nolte
Zone General Manager at Siemens Healthineers
"Syd is a true professional, creates great results and is wonderful to work with.
Her creativity and ability to work with people from various levels and areas of the company makes her a very valuable partner."

Vinod Philip
EVP - CTO, Siemens Energy
"Syd is an exceptional, results-driven and collaborative individual, who uses her strong interpersonal and intercultural skills to enable senior business leaders to communicate effectively across a wide range of audiences. Her unique value proposition is applying her diverse background (cultural, experiential, theatrical and literary) to create motivational, clear and compelling themes around with Senior Executives can craft vivid presentations and speeches.“

Toby Carrington 

VP of Revenue Operations, Seismic
"Watching the improvements as Syd guides our young talents in improving their communication ability, presentation styles and self-confidence always amazes me!"

Sacha N. Kraft
Digital Transformation for Tech, Telco, Energy, Facebook
"It is rare to meet an executive and business coach who stands out like Syd. I had the pleasure of working with Syd in various trainings whilst at Facebook. And recently she also collaborated as an inspiring panelist on a Change & Female Leadership Summit. She has helped me in transforming my communication style based on a good mix of theory and teaching tangible skills. So if you looking to play at a higher level, I can highly recommend working with Syd


Laura Scott
Head of Comms for Hardware, Google
"Syd is a brilliant communications coach. In the 3+ years I've had the pleasure of working with her she brings total commitment, energy and fun to every single session, dealing with every character under the sun and drawing out their potential and uniqueness no matter what. Syd tunes into what makes people unique and brings out their talents and stories, connecting with them as individuals and making them shine

Inka Drögemüller
Deputy Director at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
"I admire her ability to think in specialist areas and give great advice on complete challenges in professional communication. Thank you, Syd for being the best coach in the world and a warm and wonderful human being!“