Books at Berlinale

 Books at Berlinale


What I keep hearing people say. EVERYTHING has changed, our world has changed. But I am not so sure that is true.
Not EVERYTHING has changed, we just figured out what matters to us.

We figured out that our co-worker who tells those really bad jokes in meetings, well, we sort of miss him.
We figured out we love our kids, but we hate teaching them.
We figured out our neighbors have names and lives and stories
We figured out we can bake bread.
We figured out we never really liked handshakes, but boy do we miss hugs.
We figured out that life is better with each other.

We realized that the essential workers, doctors and nurses, are literally saving our lives. The essential workers in all the supermarkets are sustaining us, keeping us alive. So much respect.

But I would like to draw attention to another group of essential workers – and that’s all of you – creating stories through books and films, stories where we can escape, stories that help us reflect upon our lives and our world – because if there is one thing that has kept me alive and nourished this last year it was good books, good films and a healthy dose of alcohol.

And on that note, welcome to the special edition of Books at Berlinale 2021 – it is so virtual it feels live