Are you more a pillow or an umbrella?

Are you more a pillow or an umbrella?

Pillows have been around since 7000 BC. They were first made of stones (ouch) to keep bugs out of your ears (ugh). But over the thousands of years, they got softer, changed size and shape. People spend lots of money on pillows today and have very strong opinions whether memory foam or feathers is the best for sleep, which has become the new sex. In some hotels, you even choose your pillow from a pillow menu.


Umbrellas have also been around a long time, since 2450 BC. But outside of a small and embarrassing umbrella hat moment, umbrellas haven’t structurally changed that much. They also remain incredibly impractical. It’s raining - think elderly person with a cane and a shopping bag, think a parent pushing a stroller, think a person in a wheelchair, and don’t even get me started when it is windy. People buy them cheap, use them, then toss them away when broken or forget them when the sun comes out. 


Now, the easy explanation would be: we care more about pillows because we sleep every night and it doesn’t rain every day. 

Or it could mean when we value something, when it means something to us, we help transform it, push it to the next phase. Be a pillow. We need you more.

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