Prove yourself wrong

Prove yourself wrong

Yesterday, I didn’t want to go running. I had zero motivation, felt tired and was looking for any excuse not to go. Another coffee first? Maybe organize my socks?


Well, then just a short run and it will be over. But once I started, I thought what if I could prove myself wrong – what if today I ran further just to show that voice in my head who’s boss.

Turns out I ran my longest distance yet.


When you feel you can’t, you can. Those voices telling you can’t. Well, fire them. 

When you’re worried about money, leave a bigger tip.

When you are in a rush, slow down. Even more.

When the bus driver or your boss aggravates you, then be extra kind to the next person you meet.

When you think the world lacks beauty, buy flowers (some for your neighbor too).

When the world seems filled with hate, love fiercely.

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