Let’s Talk Yoga

Let’s Talk Yoga 

I encourage you to have difficult conversations on a regular basis. 

It is not that it ever gets easier, it doesn’t, (hence the name), but the more you do it, the more familiar it becomes. And we tend to be more scared of the unknown than the hard work.


Maybe the difficult conversation is with your colleague, who made some passing remark that bothered you, but you let it slide.

Maybe it is with your parents, who are “just set in their ways and they’ll never change”. 

Maybe it is with a neighbor, friend, stranger.


Start the conversation with the intention to connect and not convince.


In yoga, there is a term to lean into the sensation. Now when you first start leaning in, doing something you are not used to doing, your brain immediately says ouch, stop, discomfort, not good. But if you lean into the sensation with an openness, a curiosity and breathe, I promise you will get further. You definitely will.

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