Time after time

Time after time

Have you noticed these days that time is its own special beast not obeying the rules of clocks and calendars? Is it Tuesday or Thursday? Was that yesterday or last year? Why did that virtual check-in with my team age me when it was only a half hour? 


Time management has always been challenging, but now more than ever. And for all the quick-paced, fast trackers, global-entried folks out there, having to wait in line might be a completely new concept. Some might even shout out in frustration, “what a waste of my time.”


Brain research has taught us that our brains need to be bored and not in constant stimulation in order to create new ideas. Staring out the window, not reaching for your phone, waiting just waiting, seemingly doing nothing, is the best respite for you and for your kids too. (for the anxious parents out there, give your kids the gift of boredom).


Since the Coronavirus, social platforms are inundated with challenges and nominating people to do everything from yoga to posting their top 10 favorite books.  


So, I hereby challenge and nominate all of you, for the next 30 days (or maybe forever) to rethink waiting in line, as “my thinking time”, “my creative time”, “my quiet time”. It is amazing what good marketing can do for you.

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