Over the Hump

Over the Hump

These days “flatten the curve” is as common an expression as “please pass the butter,” but once upon a time when people used to go to work – remember work? remember going? people would say on Wednesdays, Happy Hump Day.


You can say what you want about the expression, but what I like about it is that you are celebrating the halfway point. Like in Germany, the Richtfest, the topping out ceremony in construction. 

It gives you a moment to take stock, breathe. We have made it this far, good job. What still needs to do get done? What’s working well and why? What can we replicate? Where do we need help?

If you don’t ever celebrate, you get burnt out. If you only celebrate, you become a frat boy.


We all need goals, visions, dreams, but in between, when climbing that ladder, running that marathon, walking that talk, congratulate and celebrate YOUR progress, YOUR trying, YOUR getting up and going for it again and again.


Happy Hump Day. Sending love.