Don’t Just Do It. Be It.

Don’t Just Do It. Be It.

Think of what you do at work – what you sell, market, invent, what you spend your days talking about.

Now think of how you describe that product, system, device, idea, opinion, whatever – What features it has, or call them benefits if you prefer, what it does so well.


“robust, easy-to-handle, adaptable, innovative.“


And now ask yourself – am I that? Am I easy-to-handle?  Easy-to-read? Am I adaptable, reliable, innovative? Am I able to connect to other systems? Am I able to weather the storm?


Yes, it is great to make creative and innovative things. That will surely make a difference in the world - but unless we become creative and innovative beings, we won’t even notice them. 

When we combine the doing and being, that’s when we will get the long-awaited reset we keep talking about.


Don’t Just Do It. Be It.


Sending love. Happy Friday.