Act professional - Be human

Act professional - Be human

To act professional means to dress appropriately, be able to control your emotions, say the right thing at the right time etc.

Fast forward Corona.

Dogs barking, kids running through Zoom calls, everyone is wearing sweatpants and you can’t say the right thing at the right time because of the sound delay.

And the facades are starting to crumble. What’s emerging is we are meeting the human side of our colleagues. For so long, everyone has been trying to separate work and life, work-life balance, but what a waste of energy because in the end it is all life.

When things get back to “normal” - or a new normal - and you return to your offices – those buildings where people are sitting at desks looking at their computers (no, not your homes, notice no sweatpants), let’s set a new standard for what professional looks like.

Instead of having to act anything, just be human.
We will get a lot more done and have more fun doing it.

Sending love. Happy Friday.