Syd Atlas

Coach, speaker, storyteller and sassy wordsmith, Syd Atlas makes your content come alive from the page to the stage.


Syd Atlas is an inspiring speaker engaging her audience from the moment she walks on stage. She connects personal and universal stories with humor and originality. 


Pitching and moderating is about sharing your passion with your audience.

A familiar face at the Berlinale and Frankfurter Book Fair, Syd Atlas leads discussions, delivers powerful pitches and hosts awards ceremonies with wit and charm.

Own the Room - Senior Coach


Own the Room is a training company like no other. 

We bring a uniquely experiential approach to learning & development; using our highly interactive and innovative methodology, our expert Coaches keep participants so energized and entertained that you may not even realize you’re at a training.
No matter which program you experience, you’ll be armed with real-life knowledge and skills you can apply immediately.